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3 Problems With the Left’s New Favorite Study on Obamacare Rates

A recent study by the Center for American Progress predicts average annual Obamacare premiums will rise by more than $1,013 next year as a result of recent actions by Congress and the Trump administration.
CAP blames two public policies for the increase: repeal of the tax penalty on the uninsured, and a Trump administration regulation that proposes to permit the sale and renewal of short-term, limited-duration policies.
These policy changes are “acts of marketplace sabotage … [that] have weakened the individual market risk pool and have increased marketplace premiums,” the study’s authors wrote.
But the study rests on shaky assumptions. Its estimates of the effects of both the repeal of the individual mandate penalty and the availability of short-term policies diverge from estimates released by the Congressional Budget Office after the study’s publication.
This is not a matter of technical flaws with the research. The study’s suggestion that recent consumer-friendly policy changes are responsible

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