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7 Ways Congress Can Rein in Out-of-Control Spending

Congress achieved major success in 2017 by passing the first meaningful tax reform in decades, but fell short in other areas of the budget and spending.
This year, important issues loom, including defense and nondefense appropriations for the remainder of the year, the debt limit, an infrastructure plan, and health care and entitlement reforms, among others.
Here are seven priorities that Congress should address this year:
1. Reform and extend the Budget Control Act.
While imperfect, the Budget Control Act is one of the few tools available to control spending and slow the growth of the federal deficit.
The law has saved hundreds of billions of dollars since its enactment. Instead of passing another budget deal that raises the caps and adds potentially hundreds of billions of dollars in unpaid-for new spending, Congress should stick to the overall spending totals agreed to in 2011.
In doing so, it should remove the categorical caps for defense and

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