A good night for the far left

(Paul Mirengoff) Yesterday’s set of Democratic primaries went extraordinarily well for the Party’s left-wing. Consider:

In Nebraska, a liberal social worker and political neophyte who built her campaign around “Medicare for All” scored a shocking upset in a Democratic primary to take on Rep. Don Bacon (R). Kara Eastman, 45, beat former congressman Brad Ashford, 68, in an Omaha-area district that national Democrats believed they could pick up in November. Eastman advocated for universal background checks to buy guns, raising taxes and decriminalizing marijuana.

Dave Begley, call your office.
Then, there is Pennsylvania:

In Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, where GOP Rep. Charlie Dent’s retirement created a winnable open seat for Democrats, early front-runner John Morganelli — a district attorney who has been locally prominent for decades — lost the primary to attorney Susan Wild, who ran at him from the left. Morganelli, who opposes abortion rights and “sanctuary cities,” was attacked relentlessly on the airwaves

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