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A Liberal Core

Republican presidential candidate and established frontrunner Donald Trump has called for moratorium on allowing Muslims to enter the United States.  His action continues to illustrate policies derived from a liberal core, and he continues to gain approval from his “conservative” followers.  Of course it is difficult to imagine a recognizable liberal calling for this exact policy, but championing positions that lack an understanding of the Constitution, seeks support utilizing elementary logic, and designed to divide voters is often to root of liberal positions..

We can have a discussion on changing immigration policies as they pertain to individual nations, even nations that have a majority Muslim population.  We can even have a discussion about immigration policies as they relate to foreign states that have adopted Sharia Law.  There are many debates we can have related to immigration, and some of them we should have; but the consideration of discriminating against individual recognized religions is a non-starter.  I will not attempt to support this statement with a line that includes “the vast majority”, or try to persuade you with some story about a mentally ill Baptist because the subject simply does not require persuasion.  It does not matter what my thoughts, or for the purposes of his position, Mr. Trump’s preferences are in relation to Muslim immigrants.  Until Mr. Trump gains the nations support in changing the Constitution, this ridiculous policy proposal only serves to highlight Mr. Trump’s liberal core that will surely haunt conservatives if his presidential bid is successful.

As an American that is tired of seeing fellow citizens murdered by members of the Muslim community and tired of being drug into foreign wars by Muslim nations, you may consider saying the heck with the Constitution, logic, and even conservatism while continuing to support Trump.  Democracy provides each one of us that option, but will you feel the same when Trump “feels” like guns are the real problem, abortion is a women’s health issue and single payer health care is the optimal choice?  None of these should be a great surprise since he spent the overwhelming majority of his life supporting each along with many other progressive positions.  Worse than being a life-long progressive, his evolution to conservative positions appear to lack any evidence of principles.  During the initial debate, Trump claimed to leave his pro-abortion positon behind after the privileged daughter of one of his wealthy friends grew up to be a “superstar” although her parents once considered abortion.  No mention of recognizing the value of life, the moral compass of the culture, or even demanding responsibility from a society.  To translate his response, one day he felt like abortion was a good thing, but now he “feels” like it is a bad thing.  It may be the most liberal reasoning for supporting a traditionally conservative position I have heard.

It is not unique to find a “liberal core” within the reasoning of Donald Trump’s policies, but to the contrary it is a common attribute of his positions.  The “liberal core” allows one to disregard the law and principles while placing emphasis on feelings, personal gain and crown feeding.  It allows delusional beliefs such as altering gun laws will decrease criminal actions and the plausibility of deporting 20 million illegal immigrants.  Conservatism is less about the way one feels about an issue on any given day, and more about the foundational principles that support consistent positions.  An elementary student may offer blocking Muslims from entering the country as a solution to our terrorism problem, but a conservative adult understands such policies will only enhance the problem.

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