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A Little Blind Stealing Strategy

If you’re going to survive and thrive in no limit hold’em tournament play, you’ll need to master blind stealing.
The term stealing is used because players often raise the blinds with mediocre hands in hope of winning the chips in the blinds uncontested when those players fold. If you’re raising with a big hand like Q-Q or A-K, you’re certainly not “stealing,” but if you’re raising with 8-9 or K-7 you’re really hoping players think you have a stronger hand and will muck their hands.
It can be a tricky thing to steal blinds. Do it too much and you’ll find a lot of players fighting back by re-raising. Do it too little and you’ll find yourself blinded off when you run out of chips because you haven’t been aggressive enough. Here are some tips on blind thievery in tournament play.
Don’t steal much early, but do steal a lot late. It’s really

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