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A Public Defender Is Shaking Up the Race for San Diego D.A.

San Diego voters will go the polls June 5 to elect a new district attorney, and they will have quite a choice.
The current interim D.A., Summer Stephan, was appointed by the county board of supervisors; she’s the hand-picked successor of former D.A. Bonnie Dumanis. Running against her is Genevieve Jones-Wright, a public defender who proudly touts her outsider status and is backed by liberal funder George Soros.
Stephan is running on a platform touting her experience combating sex trafficking. She has said, among other things, that there’s virtually no such thing as voluntary sex work. She also characterized Jones-Wright’s opposition to FOSTA, a deeply flawed piece of anti-trafficking legislation that recently became law, as a radical position far to the left of the Democratic Party. (Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris—a former California Attorney General who co-sponsored SESTA, the Senate version of the law—endorsed Jones-Wright on Monday.) Jones-Wright, meanwhile, is aligned with criminal

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