A Shooter Fit for This Moment

Shooter had a rough start. The television show starring Ryan Phillippe as the former marine Bob Lee Swagger was slated to premiere a year ago. Just then, partygoers in Orlando and police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge were killed in cold blood. While the perpetrators of those shootings were the sort of cowards whom Philippe’s character was trained to eliminate with cool precision, the USA Network decided to lie low and twice postpone Shooter.
The new thriller series finally did start airing in mid-November. Donald Trump had been elected president; a lucky break for Phillippe and the producers at USA. The political event that shocked any and all New York Times writers — but not the voters between the coasts — was a blessing for the makers of the fast-moving series. A political espionage thriller filled with conspiracies and shootouts, Shooter has been embraced in the parts of the country

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