A victory for charter schools in Los Angeles

(Paul Mirengoff) Charter school backers have won a majority of seats on the board of the Los Angeles Unified School District for the first. The story is here, in a Los Angeles Times article. You have to dig it out, though. The Times leads off by talking about talking about “wealthy charter school advocates” and by giving voice to the unhappiness of a losing candidate.
Deep into the story, the Times finally provides this version of the contending positions in the decisive school board race:

Zimmer [the president of the board, who lost] said that he would prefer to limit charter school expansion, when possible, to charters that bring real innovation. He said the district should focus on making sure that existing charters and district-operated schools offer high-quality programs.
Melvoin [who defeated him] said he would not limit charter growth but would rely on the market forces of parent choice while also doing

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