A Victory For Free (Bikini) Speech in Everett

Geographically, the City of Everett is twelve miles north of Seattle city limits. Economically, they’re a timezone or two apart.
As one little example, a new apartment in downtown Everett is $1,326 a month, compared to $2,249 in the Seattle central business district. For another, there are about as many construction cranes in downtown Seattle as there are office buildings in downtown Everett.
I could go on, but the gist here is that the boom-town conditions in Seattle and Eastside have not significantly reached this city of 110,000.
Where Seattle is heavily influenced by Amazon and other high-tech firms, and while the Eastside economy is driven by Microsoft, Google and others, the main economic engine in the Everett area is still The Boeing Company, where they assemble 777s and 787s at the Paine Field assembly plant. If you want to know one reason why Boeing opened a new manufacturing facility in

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