A witch hunt?

(Scott Johnson) Mona Charen is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, a syndicated columnist and author of two best-selling books that I have found permanently relevant, Do-Gooders and Useful Idiots. She is also a friend whom I greatly admire for her honesty and integrity.
Both NRO and Jewish World Review carry Mona’s column. In her most recent column, Mona set forth “16 Things You Must Believe to Buy the ‘Witch Hunt’ Russia Narrative” (posted here at JRB).
Having read the column several times, I wrote Mona:

I’m struggling to understand the “collusion” story. I don’t believe it, but I know I may be wrong. If I am wrong, I should think that we would have more to go on at this point than we do. You go with 16 “shards” to imply that there is something to the story, but you don’t flesh out what is implicit

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