About That “Climate Consensus”

(Steven Hayward) The most tiresome cliché of the climatistas is that “97 percent of scientists ‘believe’ in human caused climate change,” though I am always grateful for how they used the term “believe,” since the whole matter has taken on the attributes of religious commitment, if not fanaticism in many cases.
The backup for this refrain is exceedingly weak. One study purporting to establish the “97 percent” consensus figure, from John Cook of the University of Queensland in Australia, does no such thing, which is obvious from reading just the abstract. (See my 2014 article in the Weekly Standard that goes through this in detail.) The other main source is Naomi Oreskes, who is still dining out on once having reviewed 1,000 science journal articles (out of how many thousands in the total universe of climate science articles?), similarly finding that everyone agrees with the climatistas. Nothing to see here: move along to

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