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Add Another Nude Model Mistress to the Voices From Donald Trump’s Past

Just more stories of Donald Trump’s historic scumbaggery.
Hounded by the press, since being named in a suit by former Trump mistress and Playboy model, Karen McDougal, another mistress has been flushed out into the open.
The latest to come forward is another former Playboy model, Barbara Moore.
Moore claims to have carried on an affair with Trump from March 1993 to September 1993 – while then-Trump girlfriend, Marla Maples, was pregnant with their daughter, Tiffany.
How familiar does that sound?
To be honest, I can’t feel overly sympathetic with Maples.
If they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you, Dear.
From the Daily Mail:
‘It was a passionate affair, he was a great lover and a gentleman.
‘But at the time I didn’t know he was with someone else, let alone engaged to Marla Maples and it was only recently I learned she was pregnant at the time. This has shocked me, but I don’t hold it against

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