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Adventures in administrative law

(Scott Johnson) I wrote about the problem of the administrative state in “A new old regime,” my review of Philip Hamburger’s audaciously great book Is Administrative Law Unlawful? (Plot spoiler: the answer is yes.) Even with a lot of help from my friends at the Claremont Institute, it took me a long time to understand the problem. Professor Hamburger expedited the process. The problem is the unconstitutionality, unwisdom, unaccountability, and lawlessness inherent in the administrative regime. For more resources on the problem of administrative law, see the links and videos in my post “Understanding the administrative state.”
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau represents the reductio ad absurdum of the administrative regime. It is a constitutional monstrosity. Its funding is insulated from Congress. Its director is to wield virtually dictatorial powers to promulgate law. The legal structure of the CFPP is designed precisely to insulate it from political accountability. It is a

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