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After Cambridge Analytica, What Are The Regulatory Risks To Facebook?

Thanks to a combination of luck, as other major stories were few the past few days, and a still volatile attitude towards Big Tech in the political world, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal has gone from what could have been a seemingly relative minor incident to one that is both threatening Facebook’s business model and suddenly increasing regulatory concerns for the company. Zuckerberg even issued a rare public apology, as users are deeply troubled by this seeming breach of privacy.
While the actual events have been rehashed many times in the media the past few days, essentially the incident came down to Facebook allowing an academic to acquire Facebook user data but then he shared it beyond its original parameters to Cambridge Analytica, with Facebook apparently incorrectly believing the data had been deleted for several years.
Also worth noting is how while only about 270,000 people explicitly gave consent to and used the

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