After Concerns over Slurred Speech, the White House Announces Plans to Settle the Issue of Trump’s Health

So earlier today, I discussed Trump’s slurred speech while making his announcement about the U.S. embassy in Israel
Part of the discussion by the panel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” centered on Trump’s physical health.
During the race to the White House, the health of both Trump and Clinton was an issue. Both are elderly. Hillary was prone to coughing fits and even fainted during one outing.
Trump is old, overweight, shows marked deterioration in his speech and mannerisms from years past, and the last time the notion of a physical was brought up, he had his bizarre-looking doctor write a note, while Trump waited downstairs in his limo.
Probably not the best way to get a thorough exam.
Well, whoever forwarded my piece to the president this morning can go ahead and ‘fess up, now. It apparently got to him, because the White House has announced that Trump will be having a physical early next

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