After Shooting, NPR Flunks 'Fact Check' on Leftist Violence, Smears NRA and Dana Loesch

It might seem bad enough that NPR would bury the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and other Repub licans to the bottom of the “Week in Politics” on Friday’s All Things Considered. But that NPR “news” program also aired a fraudulent “Fact Check” asking the self-evident question “Is Left-Wing Violence Rising?”

They found a left-wing expert to insult everyone’s intelligence by proclaiming: “The far left is very active in the United States, but it hasn’t been particularly violent for some time.”

Then anyone conservative who would question left-wing violence is somehow placed on the “far right” by NPR, which insists it doesn’t have an ideological stance. 

ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Far-right pundits are seizing on this week’s shooting at a congressional baseball practice as an example of what they say is a rise in the left-wing violence in the U.S. Experts who monitor domestic terrorism had been warning about the potential for

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