Amazon Buying Whole Foods Is Good News For Consumers, Despite What 'Consumer Groups' Say

Competition: Consumer groups are challenging Amazon’s buying Whole Foods on antitrust grounds. They have it wrong. This isn’t a case of a monopolist gobbling up a competitor, but an innovator trying to stay one step ahead of the competition.
The same day that Amazon (AMZN) announced its plans to acquire the struggling Whole Foods (WFM) grocery store chain for $13.7 billion, Wal-Mart (WMT) announced that it was buying online menswear company Bonobos for $310 million.
While the prices are wildly different, both acquisitions are equally important. On the one hand, Amazon is making clear that it needs a presence in the real world to keep competing.
It has been busy opening physical bookstores — it now has stores in eight different states. Last year, it started talking about Amazon Go — a grocery store that would let you shop without ever going through a checkout lane using “just walk out technology.” It’s supposed

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