American-Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Enforce De-Confliction Boundaries

Recently RedState has been covering the mounting tensions concentrated in pockets of the Euphrates Basin which straddles Iraq and Syria, where forces emboldened by Shiite supremacy wrapped in Iranian nationalistic fervor threaten to drastically complicate the United States’ efforts to bring down the Islamic State. Operation Inherent Resolve is a coalition force led by the United States and the coalition has instructed the Damascus Alliance to maintain a 55 kilometer “de-conflicted” zone at all times something both Iranian-backed militias and the regular Syrian army has ignored 4 times.
Heavy clashes right now between the Syrian Army and SDF near Resafa. Syrian Army is trying to rescue its pilot; SDF blocking route.
— Leith Abou Fadel (@leithfadel) June 18, 2017
And now, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the primary US proxy fighting ISIS, is engaged in clashes with the Syrian Government Forces (SAA) in a place near Resafa. The SAA wants their pilot back and is

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