American Morality

There is a secret ingredient in the American system of government that is more important than the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. It made the principles and provisions of those three unique documents workable. Sadly, it is rapidly being deteriorating, and unless it is revitalized, the ideals embodied in our nation’s founding documents will have no more meaning than the average politician’s promise.What is this secret ingredient that George Washington called “indispensable” to our political well-being?  Those aboard the Mayflower knew the answer in 1620. So did William Penn, the Quaker leader in Pennsylvania, and George Mason, one of Virginia’s most distinguished lawyers. And so did many other early American leaders.
It is our sense of right and wrong – the morality that, if properly developed, serves as a personal policing agency to govern and guide our actions. Those with such a moral compass are able to exercise

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