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Amy Schumer Virtue Signals Her Way Out of Her Own Movie

In comedian Amy Schumer’s April 12th interview with Time, she makes clear her signaled virtue, going so far as to claim that her new movie — I Feel Pretty — would be more “perfect” if only she were replaced by anyone who is not white.
The film — set for an April 20th release — is doubtful to have the shelf life of classic English poetry yet is buoyed by a premise relevant and fertile enough to engage its target audience. It unveils the story of a frumpy, unconfident thirty-something who awakes from a head injury with the delusion that she has supermodel-good looks. Her newfound self-image and its resultant bravado open a world of opportunity. What ensues is played for laughs, and according to Time’s assessment, the standup comic occupies the role expertly.
For Schumer, “standup” is a particularly applicable word — she certainly isn’t one to sit back and wait

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