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Anchorage: Still OK for anyone to use any bathroom they feel good in

Voters in Alaska’s capital city have settled — for the moment anyway — who can use which public bathroom.
The answer: Anyone can use whichever one they feel most comfortable in.
Anchorage voters (Pop: 300,000) have just defeated a measure to require people to use the restroom according to their biological birth gender. According to the Associated Press, this is the first American city to settle the issue this way.
Anchorage thought it had addressed the toilet with a city ordinance allowing members of any gender to use any locker or restroom that they identified with.
Transgender folks were delighted with the defeat of the repeal proposal, 53-47. Lillian Lennon, who campaigned against the repeal effort, said:
Not only is this a victory for Anchorage, but a victory nationally. Transgender discrimination is popping up everywhere, and this victory means that as a nation we can stand together against discrimination.
Similar votes do seem to be appearing

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