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Andrew McCabe’s lawyer files lawsuit against DOJ

Andrew McCabe’s attorney has filed a lawsuit against the DOJ, demanding to know the exact procedural basis for his firing. From Politico:
In the suit, filed on Tuesday evening in U.S. District Court in Washington, McCabe’s attorney David Snyder demands copies of manuals and policies used by the Justice Department Office of Inspector General and the FBI in conducting investigations and carrying out employee discipline…
The lawsuit claims that McCabe’s firing “violated federal law and departed from applicable administrative rules, standards, policies, and procedures.” However, the new suit does not directly challenge McCabe’s dismissal, but rather claims that the Justice Department is violating the law by refusing to identify and share the internal policies that led to his termination one day short of the 20 years’ service he would need to be eligible for an immediate pension.
I’m not an attorney so I won’t offer anything like a legal opinion, but it sounds as if

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