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Another Day, Another Hollywood Liberal Loses It Over Trump

President Trump does enough on his own to merit criticism. His penchant for watching and tweeting out the latest on Fox and Friends, as well as his inability to suck it up when criticized, hurts him. His supporters won’t admit it, but they know it’s true.
However, lefties in Hollywood go so far overboard with their histrionics, as it relates to Trump, that they make him appear sympathetic. People complain that Trump makes everything about him, but the same people show their rear ends when they make something about Trump that has nothing at all to do with the man.
Take today’s crazy Hawaii missile launch alert. Many freaked out, and with good reason. If told, “There is a ballistic missile headed this way, and it’s not a drill,” most would likely believe it is happening. People rely on these emergency services for that very reason.
Thankfully, it was a false alarm.
But that

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