Another Trump Promise Kept: Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Mideast: Despite a firestorm of protests, President Trump says he will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and eventually move the U.S. embassy there from Tel Aviv. Consider it another Trump promise kept.
Presidents of both parties have promised for years to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Yet, somehow complications inevitably arose — “Europe” claimed it would “complicate” peace talks, or the Palestinians said it would make peace impossible, or radical Islamists threatened unrest and terrorism by the “Arab Street” in response to the provocation.

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So no president, Democrat or Republican, ever truly, officially recognized Israel’s capital for what it plainly was: the legitimate capital of a nation on whose territory it sits.
As we said, the U.S. has often pledged its support for moving the embassy to Israel’s true capital before. In 1995, President Bill Clinton even signed the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act, which not only

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