Ant-Man Exposes Newest Trend in Outrage: Helping the Infirm is Hateful


The latest Marvel effort is accused of insensitivity by …displaying a cure for a malady.
(Caution: Some minor plot spoilers)
As the Marvel Cinematic Universe is concerned Ant-Man is a relatively minor character. (That’s not a height-ist joke; as you will see I need to make this distinction clear.) The second movie in that character’s franchise opened this past weekend, and while it did perform better than the original they still rank towards the bottom of the nearly two dozen titles in the MCU.
This is not to say they are not successful, nor enjoyable. Paul Rudd, as the titular insect, and director Peyton Reed deliver a breezy and self-referential action piece that is mostly casual fun. Oh no, wait — I meant they delivered a misogynistic, and deeply insensitive paen to ableism rooted in white privilege.
Given this is a fanciful lark of a film, told with humor and interesting action scenes, then

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