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Antifa Group Calls for ‘Revolutionary Violence’ Against Black Sociology Professor

A far-left group of students and activists at the University of Texas–Austin has called for “revolutionary violence” against a sociology professor.
This is partly because a former girlfriend is accusing the sociologist of pressuring her into unwanted sex six years ago. Activists are also enraged that the professor failed to report a student to the authorities after the student expressed concern that he might not have always lived up to the requirements of affirmative consent.
But the campaign against the professor started for a much milder reason: He dared to say something about consent that the activists deemed heretical.
In an essay for Vox, Assistant Professor Robert Reece summarized conversations he has had with various men—including male students in his Masculinities in America class—about whether they had ever failed to practice affirmative consent, which requires the participants in a sexual encounter to constantly assess whether the other participant is still interested in the

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