Associated Press Encourages Journalists to Use Transgender Approved Lingo

With California having passed a law that made it a jailable offense to misgender someone with an “improper” pronoun, you’d think we’ve reached peak absurdity with the “you will be made to care” movement known as transgenderism.
But you’d be wrong. The Associated Press has now gotten in on the nonsense too, as its stylebook editors announced on Tuesday that AP will be changing up a lot of their lingo requirements to increase the wokeness level of journalists reporting with their style.
AP began by listing the social justice definition of the difference between a person’s sex, and a person’s gender.

Gender refers to a person’s social identity, while sex refers to biological characteristics. #APStyleChat
— AP Stylebook (@APStylebook) October 10, 2017
Using a series of tweets, AP explained that if a person identifies as transgender, then one must avoid noting whether or not they were born a boy or girl.

Call people transgender only if

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