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At last, evidence of collusion

(Paul Mirengoff) From all that has been reported, Robert Mueller hasn’t found evidence of Russian collusion. However, I have. Not with Donald Trump but with FIFA, the hyper-corrupt body that runs world soccer.
In the preliminary stage of the World Cup, host-nation Russia is grouped with Uruguay, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Following round-robin play, the top two teams in this group will advance to the Round of 16.
FiveThirtyEight calls Russia’s group the easiest in World Cup history. An exaggeration? Maybe. But I’ve been following the World Cup avidly since 1978 and can’t recall a weaker group.
The host nation almost always gets placed in a relatively weak group, but never one this weak. Russia was placed in a “pot” that ensured no powerhouse would appear in its group. After that, the group was determined by a draw.
Did Russia just get lucky with the draw? Perhaps. But we’re talking about FIFA

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