Australian Voters Say Yes to Gay Marriage Recognition (But There’s More to Come)

The results of Australia’s mail-in referendum on same-sex marriage are in, and its citizens have significantly declared they would like to see their gay brothers and sisters tie the knot.
In the end, 61.6 percent of voters said yes to legally recognizing same-sex couples. And the country saw nearly 80 percent of its eligible citizens mail back their ballots.
But it’s not entirely a done deal. This was a non-binding referendum, and does not actually force the country to recognize gay marriages. The country’s Parliament is still going to have to vote to make it legal.
That’s kind of what the rather unusual election was about. The more conservative component of the country’s ruling coalition remained officially opposed to same-sex marriage recognition and would not allow its members to vote their consciences and defy the party’s position. The polls though, showed that Australians widely supported same-sex marriage recognition. So the ruling government called

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