Kartel King

Big Red Ted – Primary Superstar & Electoral Nightmare

Ted Cruz

As the #NeverTrump campaign to choose any Republican candidate not named Trump has gained momentum, has begun to demonstrate strength in the race.  After a strong weekend, he is currently in 2nd Place behind Donald Trump in the delegate count, and hopes to close that …

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Gang of Eight Bashers Stand on Tiny Pedestal

Rubio, Trump & Cruz

Every GOP Debate and stump speech includes red meat statements that diminish the so called “Gang of Eight” and their efforts to pass immigration reform.  Obviously these statements are primarily made in an attempt to stain one member of that group, .  The crowd always …

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GOP Voters Continue a “Checkers” Strategy

Donald Trump

Super Tuesday has come and gone with little change in the GOP nomination trajectory.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz scored enough points to keep the political ventilator on, but Trump maintained clear front-runner status.  The election coverage was fairly boring, and mostly included supporters of …

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The Left Continues to Lie about Gun “Loopholes”

President Obama wink

Recent reports suggest the Obama Administration is days away from once again urinating on the Constitution with an Executive Order limiting the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans.  It is thought they will attempt this by falsely claiming to close “loopholes”.  We have long heard about the …

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A Liberal Core

Donald Trump Muslim Ban

Republican presidential candidate and established frontrunner Donald Trump has called for moratorium on allowing Muslims to enter the United States.  His action continues to illustrate policies derived from a liberal core, and he continues to gain approval from his “conservative” followers.  Of course it is …

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Contrarian View of the GOP Debate: The Moderators

FOX Debate Moderators

Friday morning reviews of the first GOP Primary Debate ranged from pretty good to the greatest debate in modern political history.  It would be an understatement to recognize the majority of viewers were impressed with Fox News Channel, the moderators, and even most of the …

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Texas Police Officer Becomes Symbol of Police Abuse

On Saturday in McKinney, Texas, the police were called to the scene of what was referred to as a “minor disturbance” involving children at a community pool.  It is unclear what the disturbance was, but many who often leap to race have claimed the call …

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The Wikipedia President

wikipedia president

It has been over seven years since the American voter was introduced to the junior Senator from Illinois with ambitions for higher office.  At first glance, he seemed to check many boxes of an attractive vote collector.  An accomplished minority, especially an African-American would be …

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Glenn Beck Exits the GOP….Again

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck claims the Republican Party is “rotten”, and he is out!  The biggest surprise is that I was unaware that he had returned after he has performed this desperate attempt to seek headlines several times in recent years.  My response remains the same, “Glenn, …

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Hypocrisy and Internet Mobs Active in Brian Williams Scandal

Brian Williams Iraq

NBC announced this week that Brian Williams, the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, would serve a six month suspension for recently discovered fabrications and embellishments within his news reporting.  The initial discovery and recent suspension has created a full spectrum of responses …

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