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Baltimore police commissioner resigns over failure to file taxes for three years

Just months after he was appointed Baltimore police commissioner, Darryl De Sousa resigned following charges that he had failed to file federal taxes for three years, WJZ-TV reported.
De Sousa, who initially expressed an intention to correct the matter while continuing in his position, was facing pressure from the Fraternal Order of Police to step aside.
What’s the story?
Last week, De Sousa was charged for not filing taxes in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In a statement, he apologized for embarrassing the city and stated his commitment to “resolving this situation as quickly as possible.”
The Baltimore City Fraternal Order of Police said it felt “very strongly” that De Sousa needed to resign his post, but Mayor Catherine Pugh said she still had “full confidence” in him as commissioner.
Pugh took some responsibility Wednesday for appointing De Sousa and promised to implement a more thorough vetting process for future candidates. The current vetting form does not

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