Battle of the Beltway: Intern Edition

Towards the end of summer, interns in Washington have made friends, career connections, and hopefully implanted a mark upon the organizations that they worked for.
By August, they have two things to look forward to: preparing for the fall semester and the battle of the Cato and Heritage interns.
Hosted annually, the event is centered around a common discussion in the movement of those on the right which is whether libertarianism or conservatism is the superior political philosophy. Interns from the Cato Institute represent the libertarian perspective while interns from the Heritage Foundation represent the conservative perspective.
The debate was moderated by Charles W. Cooke, a graduate of the University of Oxford and author of The Conservatarian Manifesto.
On the libertarian side, Jack Brown, second- year law student at George Mason University, and John Carnegie, rising junior at Vanderbilt University represented the ideas commonly shared among libertarians.
On the conservative side, Meridan Pulton,

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