Bill Nye gets Emmy nod for show refuting his previous transgender “science” work

The 2017 Emmy nominations are out and I know that all of our regular readers are simply bristling with excitement. Among the many individuals and groups being honored this year is none other than long time television “scientist” Bill Nye, the science guy (who is actually an engineer, but let’s not get bogged down with pesky facts when we’re discussing science). As the Daily Caller reports, he’s being considered for the Emmy for his work on a show dealing with … “the sexual spectrum.”
Comedian Bill Nye received an Emmy Award nomination Thursday for his Netflix show’s “Sexual Spectrum” episode.
The Television Academy Awards nominated writers on “Bill Nye Saves The World” for a musical number suggesting that sexuality exists on a spectrum. The episode raised concern from conservatives and YouTube denizens alike, many of whom mocked the show for awkwardly associating social sciences with physical sciences.
“It’s been a record-breaking year for

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