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Bloomberg: FBI informed White House of Porter allegations in July

What did the White House know, and when did they know it, about key aide Rob Porter? The Trump administration cut Porter loose quickly after reports of previous domestic violence emerged publicly, claiming that the issue only recently came to their attention. Porter’s two wives, however, claim they informed FBI investigators months ago during their background check for Porter’s security clearance. That has raised questions as to when that investigation was completed, and if and when the FBI informed the White House of those allegations.
Sen. Ron Wyden drilled FBI director Christopher Wray, who confirmed that the FBI completed its investigation into Porter seven months ago. But what specifically did they tell John Kelly about Porter’s inability to get a regular clearance for his work? Wray tiptoes around that question:

FBI Director Christopher Wray offered a new timeline on the background check for former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, saying the

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