Blue Cross Blows Big Pharma’s Cover

With healthcare reform now back on the docket in the U.S. Senate, liberals are crying bloody murder over the purely hypothetical costs to the insured that exist entirely in their heads. But they’re not wrong about one thing: healthcare is too expensive, and the fact that people try to lay the costs of it almost entirely on their insurance is a symptom of that outlandish expense.
Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of one such insurer — Blue Cross Blue Shield — we now know exactly who to blame for that expense existing in the first place. Specifically, Blue Cross recently released a report showing that it has been spent 73 percent more on drugs since 2010: a problem it attributed to huge increases in drug prices driven by pharmaceutical companies. Like clockwork, those companies have been raising their prices on-average by 10 percent per year for the past seven years, with

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