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Bob Corker: I can’t believe this gutless party won’t “poke the bear” by helping me strip Trump’s tariff power

He wants to add an amendment to the defense bill that would override the president’s power to declare trade war on hostile foreign powers like … Canada by declaring them “national security threats.” Nuh uh, says McConnell. No way we’re voting on that even though, in all likelihood, literally every Republican in the Senate agrees with Corker that Trump’s steel war with the Canadians is bananas. McConnell wants to spare his members from a no-win outcome. If the amendment passes (which is likely thanks to Democratic support, even if only a few Republicans vote yes), the caucus is suddenly at war with Trump. If the amendment fails, the party will have proved that they’d rather swallow hard and ratify MAGAnomics than stick to fiscal conservative principle. Right now the main thing holding America’s western alliances (and probably the GOP itself) together is the perception that Trump is a thunderstorm that

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