Britain’s NHS Holds Another Baby Hostage

In most hostage situations involving a child, the police surround the building in which the victim is being held and try to convince the kidnapper not to carry out his death threats. In the case of Alfie Evans, a toddler being held captive by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), the situation is perversely reversed. The police are standing guard outside Alfie’s room so the child’s parents cannot take him to another hospital. Alfie’s captors, the administrators of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, have obtained a court order allowing them to withdraw life support — though he hasn’t been diagnosed as terminally ill.
That’s the crucial difference between Alfie’s case and the Charlie Gard tragedy. Charlie’s condition was known all too well and it is always fatal. His parents just wanted to try an experimental treatment called nucleoside bypass therapy, but the NHS hospital holding Charlie refused to release him, though it would have

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