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Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Gives an Eye-Popping Price Tag for Trump’s Military Parade

Just add it to the tab American taxpayers are so anxious to pick up for Trump’s mystical southern border wall.
Speaking before the House Budget Committee on Wednesday, budget director Mick Mulvaney estimated a price tag for Trump’s military parade ranging anywhere from $10 million to $30 million, depending on the length.
They’ve put a Veteran’s Day target date out there, but they don’t know how they’ll be paying for it. It wasn’t included in this most recent budget proposal, because, as Mulvaney pointed out, it came up at the last minute.
The cost of a possible parade isn’t included in the fiscal 2019 budget plan so Mulvaney said the White House would have to work with Congress on the funding if “we decide to push forward with that initiative.”
“We’d have to appropriate funds for it, we’d have to find funds for it,” he said.
All the figures are preliminary, he said.
“We’ve not done

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