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California Democrats Want to Bring Back Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission’s controversial measure repealing “net neutrality” rules went into effect last week. Supporters of net neutrality have virtually no chance of fighting back on the federal level, but in California, Democratic state legislators are getting creative.
Sen. Scott Wiener (D–San Fran.) introduced Senate Bill 822, which provides statewide net neutrality rules identical to those repealed by the FCC, including prohibitions of any distinctions by internet service providers “on the basis of source, destination, Internet content, application, service, or device.” The bill passed the Senate on party lines with Democrats voting in favor and Republicans voting against. It now heads to the California Assembly.
Speaking to the Desert Sun, state Sen. Patricia Bates (R–Laguna Niguel) said of the bill, “Ultimately, all this bill will succeed in doing is opening our state to legal challenges and costly litigation, which we know is coming if the bill is passed.” Barnes is probably

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