California mayor paying residents not to commit violent crimes

Back in May, we looked at a story out of Stockton, California, where their new, young mayor, Michael Tubbs had some unusual plans in mind. Stockton is frequently plagued with violent crime and deals with endemic poverty issues. Tubbs wanted to find a unique way to help some people out. A few of his ideas were clearly well intended and forward thinking. For example, he was partnering with private sector benefactors to try to offer college scholarships for qualifying students without further burdening the municipal budget.
Some of his other ideas were a bit more, um… out there. And he’s got a couple of them up and ready to begin soon. He’s providing a guaranteed basic income to some of the poorer residents, no strings attached. Another project focuses on those “most likely to commit a violent crime.” By paying them a stipend of up to $1,000 per month, the theory

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