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California Wants to Tax Gun Sales to Pay Therapists to Watch for School Shooters

California Assemblyman Jim Cooper (D–Elk Grove) has introduced a bill that would impose a new excise tax of an unspecific amount on the sales of guns and ammunition, with the proceeds being deposited in a new School Gun Violence Prevention Fund. The money would pay for middle and junior high schools to hire counselors whose primary job is to stop would-be shooters before they strike. The tax would also fund grants to California’s high schools to pay for additional on-campus police officers.
Public middle and junior high schools would be required to hire the counselors.
“A lot of these kids have trouble, especially in the middle school and high school years, and we really want to target them,” Cooper tells a Sacramento-area NBC affiliate. “We are not banning guns or ammunition, but we would tax that. And to me that’s a small price to pay.”
Given that his bill does not specify how

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