Can You Complain About a Witch Hunt If You’re Actually a Witch?

Now that Sean Hannity has identified me—by association—as part of one of the five powerful groups trying to destroy President Trump, I though I would examine who exactly is destroying what. Honestly, I don’t think the way Trump is being treated is extraordinarily unfair, at least not in comparison to other Republican Presidents.
Is the media largely slanted to the left? Absolutely. The only ones who deny that are people slanted so far the the left that they see the world sideways. But a leftist media has been a constant for ages. Have reporters and editors changed during the halcyon days of the “scandal-free” Obama administration? Or have Republicans just provided them with large slow moving target with a habitual tendency to wander into the line of fire?
Despite the sort of whining he brings to speeches before the CIA or the Coast Guard Academy graduation I don’t think Trump can complain about unfairness.
“No politician

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