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Can You Understand Me Now? Privacy Policy Basics

This week DNA testing service MyHeritage reported that 92 million customer email addresses were exposed, a report that follows on the heels of a virtually constant stream of reports about hacks of consumer information. Why all of the attention about consumer data protection, or put another way, about consumer privacy? 
Despite coughing up reams of information about themselves in exchange for often minimal benefits, consumers are now suddenly concerned about their privacy. The concern is not wrong; many of the proposed solutions are. 
Some have thought it right to vilify companies that have benefitted from the information voluntarily given up by consumers. Yet others would regulate companies out of existence or destroy them with antitrust law. These are all solutions brewed in the D.C. swamp—a centralized government for an increasingly decentralized world. What people really want, and the solution that should be sought, is to preserve the ability to make their own

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