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Farook Attorney’s Ramble…

Once again the media avoids the tough questions. We all want to what Mr.Chesley has against Britney?

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The Grammy’s are DVR Entertainment

ACDC Grammy's 2015

There are so many modern technologies that have become entrenched in our daily life, we often take their benefits for granted.  The Digital Video Recorder, commonly referred to simply as the DVR, fits in this category.  Even though we often take the convenience for granted, …

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Inaugural College Football Playoff Will Include “Teaching Moments”

College Football Playoff

Update 01/02 – It is hard to imagine being more wrong than my predictions.  The one thing that has not changed, and will not no matter who wins the National Championship.  TCU should have been included in the 4 selections.  Also, the playoff must change …

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Condoleezza Rice and the Politics of the College Football Playoff

Today is a very important notch on the calendar for college football fans as the first College Football Playoff rankings are to be released.  This year a committee of 12 individuals will meet weekly and rank the best college football teams in the country, and …

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War on Jameis Winston Finds Root in Disturbing Agenda


As Jameis Winston, the Heisman Winning Quarterback, trotted off the field this weekend with the on screen graphics displaying a final score indicating his Florida State Seminoles were victorious, commentator voices could not avoid referencing “off field issues”.  It is actually difficult to hear his …

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Roger Goodell’s Real Problem


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