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Scalise on the Clock and Liberal Hypocrisy Shines

Senator Scalise

In recent days, a name that Conservatives loathe and Liberals seem to love emerged from the political graveyard.  David Duke, the infamous Louisiana “politician”, and Ku Klux Klan leader has long been a cancer for political parties, but often attached to the GOP & Conservative …

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The Interview: Bad Movie, Worse Release Strategy

The Interview-rogen-franco

On Wednesday, Sony Pictures Entertainment released the controversial film The Interview through online streaming platforms, Google Play, YouTube and Xbox Video.  The decision was made after Sony announced last week that the movie would not be released because major theater companies declined to show the …

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Stoking the Flames and False Moral Equivalence has Consequences

NY NYPD Shooting

For months, the nation has witnessed violent rioting and false symbolism lacking the needed condemnation from leaders, politicians and charlatans.  Sure, they toss in a line about discouraging violence, then follow with an attempt to provide moral equivalence and cover to the individuals taking part …

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Someone Had to Say It: Rubio Displays Frustration with Paul’s Bloviating


 did not feel like wasting time with  statement of support for President Obama’s executive action reestablishing diplomatic relations with communist Cuba, and simply began his response, “he doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.  In a frustrated moment of honesty, Rubio made a bold statement that …

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It was Sony Pictures Entertainment, not the Pentagon


It doesn’t take much for me to become hawkish, wrap myself in the stars and stripes, and tell Goose & Maverick “wheels up in 10”.  That being said, I simply can’t go there because some hackers that may have been influenced by an enemy nation …

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Obama Saves another State Sponsor of Terrorism


President Obama announced a policy change, both diplomatically and economically, towards Communist Cuba yesterday.  The change increases the likelihood that Cuba will remain the oppressive and brutal eyesore of the hemisphere for many more decades.  He sought no cooperation from Congress, and once again undermined …

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Countdown to Bush 45 Begins?

Jeb Bush 2016 Explore

Jeb Bush sent a buzz through political circles yesterday by announcing via social media that he would explore seeking the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination.  Although it was expected, it marks the beginning of the 2016 election process.  At 61, the former Governor of Florida has …

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JoBo Must Go: Boehner Continues Weak Leadership


The House of Representatives passed a $1.1 Trillion spending bill last night with the full support of President Obama.  That feeling we had on the morning of November 5th has proven justified.  Our feeling of accomplishment from the national wave that took place in the …

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Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Powerful Symbolism or Lack of Creativity?


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Ferguson Should Not Influence Staten Island


The announcement from a Staten Island grand jury to forgo indicting NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the homicide of Eric Garner arrived yesterday.  Only a week after the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, the Staten Island decision arrived at a poor time.  This timing …

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