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Rand Paul’s Kentucky Problem is Smart Legislation

Rand Paul 2016 decision

The Midterm Election has concluded, except in Louisiana, and anticipation is building around potential candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election.  A Republican that is generating a lot of discussion is.  The attention is partly due to his popularity among Libertarian leaning Republicans, but also because …

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Minimum Wage Increase has Real Consequences

15 hour minimum wage

The push for massive increases to the Federal Minimum Wage has gained a level of traction in 2014 that has been unattainable in previous years.  There has always been “chatter” about the issue from some groups, but during 2014 the issue became a real topic …

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More Hypocrisy Than Substance in Geneva


Michael Brown’s family traveled from Ferguson, Missouri to Geneva, Switzerland to speak in front of the United Nations Committee Against Torture on Tuesday.  The timing of the trip is unusual since the results of the Grand Jury investigation into their son’s death have yet to …

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A Constitutional Crisis by Design

Crisis by Design

Soon after Republicans slowed patting themselves on the back for victories in the 2014 Midterm Elections, primarily accomplished by not being Obama, they introduced a new “boogey man” to America.  In response to President Obama’s threat to trample on the Constitution by legalizing millions of illegal …

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Race & Sex in Elected Office Doesn’t Matter Until it Matters


A message about an underrepresentation of females in Congress has begun a trial balloon phase by Democratic operatives after their humiliating Midterm Election losses.  It appears some in the Democratic Party are accepting the fictitious “War on Women” has become a quagmire of sorts; Democrats …

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Down Goes Reid…and it wasn’t a “Fluke”


The 2014 Midterm Election cycle has almost concluded, and it was a historical night for Republicans. The GOP took control of the United Stated Senate, increased their majority in the House of Representatives, and added to their lead in State Governors and Legislatures. There is …

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Klown of the Week: Rula Jabreal

Kartel Klown Jebreal

Islamic activist and indirect terrorism apologist Rula Jabreal appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher last week and earned recognition as Kartel Klown of the Week (ending 11/01/2014).  Jabreal is recognized in the United States as the MSNBC Contributor that was removed from the network …

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PMS Election Analysis: Pathway to Fictitious Expert Status


Unless you have been in a 4 year hibernation, you are aware of the hottest trend in political analysis utilizing complex statistical models….or at least complex to majority of Americans.  Although Psephology is not new, its common use in American election forecasting is a recent …

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Shameful Cloud Hangs Over White House After Sgt. Tahmooressi Release

Andrew Tahmooressi

Long overdue news broke late Friday that Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was released from a Mexican prison, and returning to Florida.  His release was by a judges order citing humanitarian reasons related to his Posttraumatic stress disorder, and Mexico’s inability to treat him while in custody.  …

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Common Core: Wake Me When the “Outrage” Calms


The television shows teachers unions protesting, the radio is filled with voices of conservatives demanding outrage, and the local gymnasium is filled with PTA moms with looks of despair; all a result of the Common Core State Standards Initiative (Common Core).  It would appear that …

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