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Anatomy of a Multi-Government Shakedown

Expert Commentary I’m slow to defend corporations these days because so many of them have built their business models around government-granted privileges and are free markets’ worst enemies. However, for all the perks they get from governments, they also fall victim to their own government. …

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The Risks of Ignorance in Chemical and Radiation Regulation

Expert Commentary The Nuclear Regulatory Commission sought comments last June on whether it should switch its default “dose-response model” for ionizing radiation from a linear no threshold model to a hormesis model. This highly technical debate may sound like it has nothing to do with …

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$11 Billion In Missing ACA Subsidies From Mass Tax Noncompliance

Expert Commentary Complications arising from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) premium tax credits (PTCs) are causing millions of people to effectively break the law. People who benefit from advance premium tax credits (APTCs) must file tax returns and include a form to reconcile the advanced …

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