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Drain the Health Care Swamp that's Awash in Other Peoples' Money

Senior Fellow Devon Herrick writes at NCPA’s Health blog: The 2017 winner of the Miss USA pageant ignited a firestorm on Twitter when she opined that nobody is entitled to thousands of dollars worth of free goods and services which they did not earn. The …

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Effects of a Border-adjusted Corporate Tax

U.S. firms pay the world’s highest corporate tax rate — a federal tax of 39.1 percent combined with an average 4.1 percent state tax on profits from domestic sales, or foreign sales (when and if the profits are repatriated). In contrast, the lower tax rate embedded in the …

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Wages and the Cost of Employment

Senior Fellow Pamela Villarreal writes at NCPA’s Taxes and Retirement blog: Recently, William Galston of the Brookings Institution penned an oped in the Wall Street Journal about the lack of workers’ wage growth despite a technically “full-employment” economy.  Adjusted for inflation, workers’ wages have grown 0.1 percent …

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Technology and Cost Containment in Health Care

Senior Fellow Devon Herrick writes at NCPA’s Health blog: Technology is a significant driver of high health care spending. For instance, many treatments common today were not available 40 years ago. Yet, treatments and therapies that have been in use for decades are still quite …

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Terrorism in Latin America (Part Two): The Threat from Human Trafficking

Hypothetical scenarios often dominate the storyline of possible collusion between organized crime and jihadists in Latin America. The elaborate web of networks woven by drug cartels and Islamists adds to the confusion. A wide range of U.S. adversaries have conducted successful human smuggling operations, posing an immediate threat …

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Why Trump's Industrial Policy Will Fail

President Trump appears set to press for a mixed bag of fiscal and trade policies that will likely have contradictory effects. In addition to taking pages from President Ronald Reagan’s agenda to lower corporate and personal tax rates, trim government spending and deregulate business, President Trump also seems …

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