Cato Unbound Symposium on “The Captured Economy”

The Cato Unbound website is hosting a symposium on Brink Lindsey and Steve Teles’ important new book, book The Captured Economy, which argues that the “capture” of government regulation by wealthy interest groups has slowed economic growth, increased inequality, and reduced opportunity for the poor. Here is a brief excerpt from Lindsey and Teles’ lead essay:

Our book The Captured Economy is small, but it addresses a big topic, which is the confluence of sluggish growth and spiraling inequality. Most of the book gets down in the weeds of regulatory policy, showing the ways that financial regulation, intellectual property protection, occupational licensing, and zoning have redistributed income upward while inhibiting economic dynamism. But underneath all the wonkery is an argument for moving away from the current left-right divisions that have characterized our politics for the last few decades, and toward what you could call “limited big government…”
[P]olitics can usefully be understood

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