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CEI Commends Judge's Approval of AT&T-Time Warner Deal in Antitrust Lawsuit

Today, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon approved the AT&T-Time Warner merger. Judge Leon rejected the Justice Department’s argument in its antitrust lawsuit aimed at blocking the deal. Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) experts praised the ruling.
CEI Research Fellow and Regulatory Counsel Ryan Radia:
“Today’s decision by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to approve AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner is a win for consumers. The government failed to offer persuasive evidence that the transaction would harm competition or consumers.
“Meanwhile, America’s media sector has experienced a wave of deconsolidation and entry over the past three decades, so today’s decision is a return to normalcy. Original video production is at an all-time high, a trend that industry observers have long recognized is unsustainable. By joining forces, AT&T and Time Warner will be better positioned to monetize content, in turn incentivizing the merged company to invest more in original programming.
“Meanwhile, satellite and

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